Abi Whitlock is a contemporary acrylic painter currently working and living in Devon. Her work focuses predominately on the human, animals and the natural form. Working in a hyperrealistic style, she captures intricate detail and minute colour variations in the images she creates in order to emphasise the beauty and delicate aspect of nature.


Whitlock on her water series of hyper-real acrylic paintings: “My inspiration comes from my recent move to coastal Devon, trips to the beach and outdoor pools. I try to capture the way entering the water enables the swimmer to enter an altered state of mind; a form of escapism from the real world. Although I work in a very realist style, painting water creates natural abstraction within the piece. Water and its interplay with light generate unusual, distorted and complex patterns, altering the perception of everyday images.”


Whitlock showed at the gallery as part of ‘Underneath’ exclusively curated exhibition in association with ArtLeadHER, an organisation dedicated to empowering and celebrating women in art.