"It’s more sewing than knitting but I do knit a hell of a lot too. I’m a natural stitcher, I remember doing it for the first time when I was four years old. I made a felt star to hang on the Christmas tree and my mum has still got it."

Lucy Sparrow

Lucy Sparrow hails from Bath, in the West Country of England and works mainly in felt to create art that evokes delight and emotional responses from nearly everyone who sees it. Her world is very much about being able to touch and feel the work she produces and to bring people closer to her creations. Lucy’s work has often been described as childlike because of the bright primary colours that she uses and the quirky little touches that she adds to almost everything she makes. All ages delight in the ingenious way she subverts everyday objects and turns household objects to life with playful faces and a joie de vivre that is totally infectious.


However, lurking under the surface of Lucy’s art there is often a darker side. Whether it’s her felt AK-47s automatic weapons or even her googly-eyed Prozac pills, her work offers plenty of commentary on the consumer world and the politics of modern life. Where others might see the harsh and ugly side of an object, Lucy will take the same thing and disarms its negative aspects with her mastery of felting technique and the juxtaposition of other quirky creations.


2015 saw Lucy hold her exhibition 'Madame Roxy’s Erotic Emporium’, a pop up sex shop with the contents made entirely from felt in Soho, around the corner from our gallery. The show featured everything from felt condoms to sex toys, all made from Sparrow’s preferred artistic media of felt, and garnered press coverage from The Independent to The New York Post.


2016 was Lucy’s busiest year to date, it saw the Queen of Felt cause seismic waves not just domestically in Europe but in the United States as well. At the start of the year Sparrow was featured on BBC 1’s The One Show, on which she discussed her incredible felt replica crown jewels, specially made to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday. The felt rendered jewels made up the centrepiece of our stand at SCOPE Basel art fair.


In August 2016 Lucy launched her Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to bring a unique, felt-stitched convenience store to New York City. In less than 30 days the £40,000 target had been reached with 532 backers all contributing. The NY convenience store will open its door in summer 2017.


In November 2016 we had the pleasure of hosting ‘Shoplifting’, the debut gallery exhibition from Lucy Sparrow. The show saw Lucy examine the theme of petty theft, including the most frequently robbed items in the UK. ‘Shoplifting’ was the gallery’s most well attended show ever, with the all new body of work being presented in bespoke cabinets and wall mounted Perspex cases.


Lucy was talk of the town for the SCOPE Miami Beach art fair, debuting several new original works and cabinet editions. Her installation ‘Sparrow’s Deli’ saw the artist create an entire sandwich counter from felt, which absolutely stole the show and was featured by Arnet as one of the top 3 art attractions of the entire art basel week that year.


In December 2016 Lucy exhibited as part of The Dean Collection’s No Commission Art Fair in London, which was curated by Swizz Beats.


More recently Lucy has exhibited in New York with her felt bodega '8 til Late' and in 2018 opened her largest and most succesful project ever in L.A. with 'Sparrow Mart'.

The show was a phenomenon and was featured globally by the press as well as going viral on socail media. 

Following up L.A. we are presenting Lucy's solo exhibition in Miami, 'Triple Art Bypass', which will see Lucy present a working installation and performance of an operating theatre and consulting room.


Pieces of Lucy’s art are held in both private and corporate collections throughout the EU and the US.