While I was painting, I kept thinking about a small town full of young, isolated inhabitants and how every place, to a degree, has “a way” of doing things, a way which is rarely interrupted until an outsider witnesses and draws attention to ...”

Candice Tripp

Candice Tripp was born in Cape Town, South Africa and moved to London in 2004 in pursuit of a career in fashion. Whilst working as a graphic designer in Newcastle upon Tyne she found herself focussing more and more on her paintings and by 2007 she started exhibiting her artwork across the UK and USA.


Candice Tripp creates oil and ink visions of eerie fairy tales and childhood imagery. Her works use a negative white space as background, drawing the viewer in to illustrations that could seemingly be found in the pages of any classic children's book. Sedate children and their animal companions are stylishly executed in miniature, and give vision to the lessons and warnings of fables. Beautiful, illustrative, and dark, it is the very strangeness and richness of these figures that beckons us into their enchanted world where we can allow our imagination to build the content of their bizarre and gently humorous action.