Teresa Duck is an artist living and working in Newcastle, where she studied B.A. Hons fine art at Northumbria University. Teresa's work combines formal realist painting with abstract elements alongside working with sculpture and assemblage through which she explores ideas of identity, culture and philosophical concepts.


Teresa's work is inspired by Pop Art, in particular the work of British pop artists such as Peter Blake, as well as familiar objects from her North East upbringing: like the ice cream vans in her 'Emperor of Ice Cream Van' series. She wishes to create links through her work to elements of human experience, particularly by engaging with emotional experience and familiar physical objects which are related to themes of nostalgia, hope, pleasure, despair and mortality. She does this by exploring the impact objects had upon her own life and those around her. She feels that the objects that have become so familiar to us are the ones which have created the most impact upon our lives. How we relate to these objects and what we associate with them shapes who we are, even if we do not always recognise them as doing so.


Teresa explores the idea of the microcosm as structures of experience. Through this she uses visual allegory to fuse together hyperphysical human concepts such as emotion, scientific theory, philosophy and mortality with our relationship to those around us, and the tangible environment we occupy. Through arrangements of (an amalgamation of/ a melding of) anatomical elements, abstract forms and inanimate objects, Teresa explores the relationship between these subjects and our emotional experience of physical reality. By examining the human and animal bodies in the form of individual organs - both as physical objects in themselves as the form of meat, alongside the body itself as vehicle which our sense of self inhabits - Teresa questions the effects this has on our relationship with the physical world and our sense of individuality and identity.


Teresa has exhibited at various exhibitions around the UK and US and will show at the Gallery as part of our Mix: Summer Group Show 2016, opening on July 29th.  

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