“Life and Art is about acceptance, learning what to leave out and to create as simply as possible as there is great beauty in simplicity”

Dean Fox

After studying fine art and illustration at the academy of art Central St Martins, Dean started his career at a top London based agency producing visuals, and illustrations for commercial clients. After moving onto to working as an illustrator with the gaming industry, Dean managed to keep at the forefront of his profession by making the transition from traditional mediums such as markers and inks to digital packages.


Dean paints on the computer in a traditional way replacing the brush with a digital pen and uses layers as an advantage to his process. Having endless colours and brushes at his fingertips enables Dean to spill his mind onto the page quickly and without fear.

Always staying true to his fine art background, Dean continues to produce art that reflects his traditional skill set. He embraces the technical challenges of anatomy and figurative art and combines this with the use of modern technology to entwine elements of realism with a twist of fantasy to produce unique pieces of art. Dean wants the viewer to read what they will into the imagery and create the beauty through subject matter, whether it is dark or light.


Dean is currently the most in-demand graphic illustrator in the UK, with the likes of Coca-Cola, BMW, the Football Association and more.


Dean Fox’s artwork will be exhibited in our Mix Summer show between 28th August and 2nd of September 2017.