“Often it is what we do not say rather than what we do say that defines our identity.”

Erin Smith

Having studied at the Australian Academy of Design and at The New York Studio School, the Australia artist developed her own unique style. From colourful abstract expressionist portraits, to more fully realised renderings, Smith's creative commentary ranges from satire to mockery. Her works in oil are as evocative as those in mixed mediums, and the juxtaposition of light washes and heavily layered paint reinforces contrast in many of her works.


Erin Smith finds beauty in mundane subjects and desolate imagery. Abstraction looms in her vibrant pastel backgrounds, while playful imagery and childlike icons break through the foreground to give a sense of the narrative and an aspect of representation.


In many of Smith’s pieces, there seems to be a conflict between the gestural and the representational which helps bring the relationship between perception, judgment and emotional response into greater focus. It is as if this relationship, in fact, gets in the way of pure representation, pure abstraction and/or pure process art. In fact, one flaw inherent in the type of abstraction which purports to reveal inner states of being might be that the inner states depicted are always divorced from the surrounding context generating the experience.


Talking about the progression of her paintings Smith says: “Many works end up as thick layered stories. And areas are deleted, leaving small chosen remnants to begin a new twist in the adventure”


Smith lives and works in Australia, her work has been exhibited in several galleries around Australia as well as internationally, including at the AAF in London and a solo show at Amy Li, New York. Smith’s work will exhibit at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery as part of our Mix: Summer Group Show 2016, opening on July 29th .