“We never went to art school. We weren’t thinking this would ever turn into a career. But we had a passion for it – and that passion has got us here. We’ve been lucky, but we’ve also created our own luck.”

Ben Eine

From tagging tubes to designing scarves for Louis Vuitton, and shop fronts in Shoreditch to the White House Ben Eine is one of London’s most well established graffiti artists.


Specialising in bright, colourful font, his letters have transformed streets around the world. Varying from single letters to whole statements, his striking and distinct typographic style has attracted collaborations with numerous high end clients: Louis Vuitton, Virgin Atlantic and Anya Hindmarch to name but a few.


Ben Eine became a household name overnight when David Cameron presented President Obama with ‘Twenty First Century City’ a painting by Eine as an official gift.


Born in 1970 in London, as a master printer Ben Eine is also responsible for producing some of the most iconic works of graffiti in his (‘Pictures on Walls’) studio. His screen printing skills and natural talent for colour combinations have helped produce many of street art’s most sought after prints including those by Banksy.


He continues to produce canvasses and screen prints from his studio in Hastings with an aim to travel the world painting his trademark colourful letters and statements on shutters and walls.


He often jokes about the fact that when he first started as a graffiti artist it was very much an illegal activity, often pursued by the police, whereas now street art has been jettisoned onto gallery walls as a shift in trends has allowed urban artists to be exhibited on an equal footing alongside artists working in other media.