“I have no idea what motivates me. That’s like asking what the meaning of life is. There is no meaning of life.”

Stanley Donwood

Notoriously reclusive, Stanley Donwood is an English artist and writer, gaining worldwide recognition for his work on Radiohead’s album and poster art. Through his work he explores and questions society, sexuality, war, conformity and politics.


Combining deep personal and political emotions with modesty and humour, he is obsessed with nuclear apocalypse, Ebola pandemics and global cataclysm. Although heavily influenced by advertising, Stanley Donwood resents commercialisation and this can be seen through his work.


Having graduated from the University of Exeter, Stanley Donwood describes his status as an artist ‘as the most convenient way to describe myself on application forms for unemployment benefit. When asked what’s next for him, he provides a typically humorous answer; ‘it could be anything, avian flu, traffic accident.’


Preferring to create artwork manually, Stanley Donwood enjoys the process of printmaking. Exhibiting worldwide including Tokyo, Barcelona and Amsterdam he won a Grammy Award for Best Record Packaging in 2002 for the special edition album ‘Amnesiac’.

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