“Our work is the expression of our ideas and is made to connect and question the ideas of others. It’s not about being remembered, for us it’s about our work making an impact right now.”


STATIC is an artistic collaboration that brings together the creativity of Tom and Craig, who since 2006, have been producing bold original work abstractly exploring duality and conflict through figurative assemblages.

Their work combines elements and layers that are built up and created mostly from spray painting and acrylic, with other mediums used depending on the surface of series.


From stencil and spray paint to vivid collages with feathers and glass; STATICs aesthetic is as dynamic as it is intricate. Blending pattern with portraiture, their signature style is heavily influenced by modern ‘tribes’ and mythologies.


Mixed media creations primarily examine perception with colours and shapes seemingly suspended through the use of layered materials. Metaphorically however, they challenge the viewer to consider their own cultural identity or ’tribe’. 

Through iconic signs and symbols charged with their own histories, STATIC is able to create engaging associations with the way our culture both exists and differentiates itself with those that have come before it.

The majority of their work goes through a process involving image manipulation and digital creation which is then either cut as a stencil or made into a silkscreen. With elements of street art, fine art and graphic design, STATIC creates unique pieces which have been exhibited both in London and internationally.


Having met whilst at college, they both studied BA degrees prior to setting up their first studio in East London.  Happiest when working with their hands and directly in contact with their pieces, they are continually experimenting with different mediums and processes to communicate their ideas and challenge themselves to develop.


Often with a strong political element, their work is indicative of their comic assault on the daily hypocrisy we find ourselves surrounded by on a day to day basis. Mixing colours and patterns, Static find inspiration in contemporary revolutionary actions; riots and strikes, denouncing aspects of our society such as consumerism.


STATIC is the founders of one of the largest community street art projects in the UK called Wood Street Walls, which uses street art to drive awareness & funding for community schemes and projects involving children and education.


Exhibitions to date include UK, Japan, Singapore, Italy, the US, India and Russia.

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