‘I like the challenge that a cartoon character can’t be fine art’

kju:/ No-Miss


Nomiss is a contemporary painter based in London. Coming from a career of illustration and art direction, their ‘girl’ character has developed over time to become a signature image.


The girl motif is playful, hopeful; an ageless anonymous character. The enlarged eyes are a nod to contemporary Japanese painters such as Yoshitomo Nara and kawaii aesthetics. Kawaii is a Japanese concept best translated as 'cuteness'. Epitomized by Manga comics, Hello Kitty merchandise, and the Pokémon franchise, the kawaii aesthetic is a prominent aspect of Japanese popular culture.


The works’ clean lines and defined style create a niche positioning amidst artists such as Kaws and Roy Lichtenstein, taking a thick cartoon-like black outline, and elevating it on canvas. The way the simple lines are enlarged in this way emphasise the imperfections such as the slight blotting of ink where the line ends. The works are so refined and smooth, these imperfections remind the viewer that this immaculate work is in fact hand made.


Playing with colour palettes and tones, no two paintings are the same. Each colour way creates a different mood, from a playful pink to a tranquil green. The girl is always the hero, always the protagonist.