'With my art I want to transcend the physical (hyper)reality and show a metaphysical space of dreams, illusions, hallucinations, visions and fantasies.'

Vera Kochubey

'I believe that contemporary Art is a paradox and Artist is a Magician. Paradox is something that can not be explained, thus if it can be explained, it’s not Art. Contemporary art is ambivalent and can be amazing and disgusting at the same time. It can be shallow and deep, but in the end, it’s always true. When artwork is true, you feel it with your guts. I don’t care if it’s kitsch or sublime painting, but if it’s real, you know it. The Painting is talking to you and telling a story. My paintings tell different stories… story of wanting to change ones gender, story of a famous Dj, daddy issues, a tale of the vortex of creation and above all, the mystery of a Pan, all mighty creator… and many more.'