“I’m dealing with the big themes of life that you can’t date, the same issues dealt with by Shakespeare.”

Charming Baker

With his beautiful and unnerving art finding international acclaim, Charming Baker has been titled one of Britain’s best artists. Charming Baker’s work is simultaneously beautiful and disturbing; there is poignancy to his work. Often creating texture and depth through drilling holes in the canvas or shooting his work with a shotgun, Charming Baker’s work is championed by Damien Hirst and sold to the world’s biggest collectors.


Charming Baker explores the common themes of life, love, death, terror, joy and despair with an interest in the idea of reality and unreality. Favouring retro wallpaper designs behind sometimes incongruous foreground images he creates an added depth and energy. He has also been installed as the global ambassador of British fashion legend, Sir Paul Smith’s London collections. ·


An East London artist, Charming Baker paints in oil on canvas, linen, wood and paper and creates sculptural work cast in bronze and aluminium. Graduating from Central St Martin’s Art College, his graphic design training can be seen in the patterned backgrounds used in the majority of his work.


Calling himself a ‘traditionalist’ his work is figurative, sometimes dark and often humorous, with sharp and clever titles. Charming Baker works alongside a team of managers and promoters, favouring the approach used by musicians rather than the standard gallery system.


Born in Hampshire, 1964, Charming Baker states his inspirations as old photographs as well as frequently visiting the Natural History Museum. He also adopts a close relationship to the web, not just as a social medium, in terms of promotion, but as a source of imagery, imagery that can be altered.

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