“Art is more of an instinctual thing, almost like a taste, a hunger, a primal feeling.”

Dave White

Acclaimed as the UK’s Andy Warhol and as one of Britain’s most feted up and coming painters, Dave White’s energetic and colourful contemporary creations have resulted in an abundance of exhibitions and collaborations with a wide range of global brands.


With an expressive style defined by thick, animated brush strokes, colour and vigour Dave White remains inspired by themes such as animals, sneakers, America and military hardware. His work is influenced by objects and creatures he discovered as a child. Speaking about his fascination with military hardware “I don’t condone the usage of these objects but devoid of human contact guns, missiles... whatever are some of the most incredible designs and beautiful objects man has ever made”.


Born in 1971 Dave White studied fine art at Liverpool and went on to paint in John Lennon’s old art studio. He has since exhibited alongside Picasso and David Hockney and has had articles in the Wall Street Journal, the Daily Telegraph, GQ and Time Out. This unique expressive style of painting has made his prints and originals highly sought-after collector’s items worldwide.


‘Natural Selection’ inspired by endangered species remains his largest and most successful exhibition to date. Representing ‘the beauty majesty and magnificence of incredibly rare animals’ the collection included large-scale oil paintings, works on paper and other limited editions. Primarily working in oil paint results in a unique texture and surface giving what he describes as an awesome appearance reflecting his ideas and personality as he uses it.


Dave White was involved in ‘BT ArtBox’, the largest installation of public art ever to appear in London. Having previously been commissioned by Coca Cola to work on a re-branding project with Jay-Z and with Nike owning a series of his work in their corporate collection he continues to work with a number of high profile brands on collaborations whilst remaining fundamentally a brilliant painter. He also designed the trainers for the American Olympic basketball team