Can't Reach Me There: Jason Tessier


Rhodes Contemporary Art is delighted to announce the debut solo exhibition ‘Can’t Reach Me There’ by the British contemporary artist Jason Tessier. The show invites its viewers to partake in an immersive dialogue sparked by the bold combination of vibrant colours and diverse mediums.


Jason Tessier is a London-based artist, who is known for his recognisable colourful abstract style. Jason’s work has been exhibited across the UK and in the US, most recently at the London Art Fair. His work has also been featured in such publications as Elle Decoration's ‘The Art Special’, Architectural Digest Spain and House and Garden UK.


In his studio Jason works across numerous paintings at the same time, complicating the surfaces with contingently expressionist painterly marks. This technique of working on several pieces simultaneously leads to an exciting result where each of the series’ works emerges unique yet intertwined and informed by one another, allowing for them to be perceived independently as well as collectively.


Jason directly engages with the conversation surrounding significance and complexity of contemporary painting and specifics of the language within it. However, during the creative process Jason tries to ignore external influences and trends, instead, focusing on both the visual and physical elements that directly speak to him. Works presented in the new exhibition ‘Can’t Reach Me There’, such as A Heated Exchange and View to the East slightly depart from the previously congeneric base coats by playing on subtle tonal changes and incorporating borders, while still following Jason’s reoccurring subject matter of confronting the conventions and challenging their own limitations as paintings.


Experimenting with material properties of the canvas as well as the use of materials, ranging from oil and acrylics to charcoal and pastels, Jason's work is intuitive and emerges in the moment of artistic creation. Although inspired by visual information he encounters in the everyday life and sometimes using it to inform the direction of works, he prefers to take a spontaneous and instinctive approach, rejecting to rely on prefabricated concepts. These improvised gestures integrated with the bold colour choices draw the viewers into the immersive abstraction, making them an active participant of this ongoing, ever-developing visual discourse.


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