Yes, And Other Things: Cat Spilman


Rhodes Contemporary Art is delighted to announce the debut solo exhibition ‘Yes, And Other Things’ by US contemporary abstract painter, Cat Spilman. This new series of works continue in Spilman’s instantly recognisable abstract, monochromatic style; her expressive and spontaneous works addressing themes of separation, belonging, modern feminism and motherhood.


The exhibition title, ‘Yes, And Other Things’  is a reference to the responses & reactions Spilman receives through discussion about her works when the viewer attempts to justify the abstract patterns they see. Often viewers feel compelled with the desire to categorise and label them, their own personal lived experience effecting what they see or just human nature? In contrast to the perceptions, in her works, Spilman actually attempts to move away from these categories into something purely emotional and expressive, which is what the work is truly conveying. As a viewer to the work you have to leave your preconceptions at the door and consume them in the moment, emotionally.  


She explains that she never pre-plans her works, rather they are fluid and natural, pouring out of her onto the canvas. In creating the work, she has learnt about herself and her feelings. Each work is a kind of self exploration; a self portrait. Different days and moments produce different works, a kind of documenting of her emotional state at any one time. Some are stronger, some softer, some funny, some sad. Learning from her young daughter and the unabashed freedoms children possess, Spilman wants to create works of pure creativity and energy, beyond self-criticism. Unlearning what is expected of her as an artist, she follows the natural energy of each piece to create something completely unique.


Having come from a career as a Scenic Artist for film and television in her home city of New York, house paint was a natural choice of medium, having worked with it for years. The thick paint creates beautiful textures and depths to her work, the brushstrokes creating patterns within themselves. Spilman made the conscious decision to limit her colour palette, finding two tones which worked together well; allowing the true focus of the work to be in the composition and energy.


In ‘Yes, And Other Things’ we see Spilman stretch herself not only in production, but also the scale of her new works, offering some pieces in a format much larger than she has attempted previously. These large scale works have given her to opportunity to throw herself into the bold abstract movements that create her works, enjoying the raw and cathartic process it provides. 


We invite you to the opening of the show on 20th October, 6-9pm at our 61 Great Portland Street space. Email to register your interest.


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