Purgatory: Context Art Miami

RHODES presents 'Purgatory' at Context: Art Miami, a new solo show by Nick Smith.
“Virtue has a veil, vice a mask.”
"When planning this show for Art Miami, a few things came to mind. White trousers... obviously, Miami vice and a cavalier nonchalance regarding certain aspects of morality. 
I discovered that Christians believe in two varieties of vice… those that come from the physical organism as instincts, which can become perverse, like lust, gluttony or greed, and those that come from false idolatry in the spiritual realm…the worst of these being idolatry of the self.
Excerpts from Dante’s Purgatory are woven through colourful works depicting popular covetable consumables, creating symbolic representations of the seven sins. Dante explores possible penance for our earthly suffering leading to spiritual growth. The results of these pairings offer a humorous, nostalgic and subversive opportunity to question our choices, our history and our future. 
Intrigued by the disjunctions discovered when exploring how educated consumers turn a blind eye for their vice, I present a collection of images to entice. This show is a shiny, sticky, glossy exploration of our societies attitude and approach to our excess, addictions and desires.."
      - Nick Smith, 2019
To recieve information on the show, to RSVP to the fair, or to preview available works, email info@rhodescontemporaryart.com