At times I am visited by impulses from the depth of the universe that occur to me as emotions. I give a colourful garment to these sensations; sometimes drawing a few lines is enough to make them all of a sudden visible

Standing in front of a Gretscher is to be enchanted. It comes replete with its own vocabulary, a constellation of symbols, characters and seeming allegories that describe a wholly original world that simultaneously reveals a refraction, often subtle sometimes stark, of our own. This language has layered, and found further intricacy over the past decade, but the core abstracted figures have remained totemic, with all the power the word infers. I see travellers, heroes, lovers and the occasional villain. I see gods - minor, apex, and more recently avian, all radiating, in dialogue with, Gretscher's ready, unique thesaurus. From one angle tantalisingly mysterious conversations, from the next, completely identifiable to the human story.  Even the literal titles keep reflecting new interpretation as you turn them over in your mouth. His pieces bristle with the unfathomable magic of the Shakespearean canon: at once unparalleled and humanist. His colour, his organic delicacy, his mighty and meek symbols, all smack of an incredible story, of lasting drama.