Nick Smiths New Project

An Insight into Nick Smiths New Digital project

After Nick Smith's recent and highly successful 'Psycolourgy 2.0' exhibition, the artist now invites his audience to interact with the next phase of this exciting project. 


Building upon the concepts behind the physical exhibition, Smith now opens the digital door to his audience, providing a world-wide opportunity to collaborate with his art online. 


Pictured: Colour chip from the project, submitted by Nick Smith. 


The aim for the '' project is that Nick Smith will collate the submissions made by the participants to create a series of complex and collaborative artworks, which will then form the foundations of his future body of works. 


The new project serves as an evolution from his 'Instagram Psycolourgy' project, where he invited participants via Instagram DM to send him a single colour, along with a word they associated with that colour.


During a time of adversity and isolation, the project allowed participants to experience a sharing of emotions, stories and memories associated with colour, in a collective exchange. The final pieces were then later displayed at Nick Smiths solo exhibition where the participants could come and see their contribution to the artwork themselves. 


Pictured: Installation shot from Nick Smiths recent 'Psycolourgy 2.0' exhibition with the final piece from the Instagram project located in the centre. 


How can I get involved with this project?


  • Visit where you'll be presented with a single Nick Smith 'colour chip'.

 Click below to enter the project.


  • Edit the text with whatever word you wish, then hit 'enter'. The algorithm that was created for Nick's recent exhibition, will then assign a unique colour to your chosen word.


  • Once settled on your submission, you can then opt to buy it for £10.


  • Once your submission has been paid for it will be logged & marked as sold on the website where you will be credited with your name alongside your entry.


  • Once the first milestone of 1000 entries have been received, we will email you a digital tessellation of all the entries in the order they were received. Nick will then create physical artworks from your entries, which will form part of a future exhibition.


  • The website will remain open for submissions beyond the first 1000 milestone, allowing the Psycolourgy 2.0 project to further evolve into new artworks during the course of 2022.


  • Nick's aim with is to develop a suite of online tools, providing his audience with a platform to collaborate with his art. 


Pictured: The physical eChip in the exhibition.


Similarly, to this digital project, visitors were invited to enter their own text during the exhibition itself on Nick Smith's innovative eChip works. The installation comprised of three digital interfaces, that used the same algorithm as the new digital project.


The goal for the works was to create a digital interface where a colour for any word could be generated that has a logical association based on collective human personal experience. These works represent an exchange between the artist and viewer which seems to have become a staple idea in the 'Psycolourgy' projects. 


Pictured: Installation image of the eChips during Nick Smiths 'Psycolourgy 2.0' exhibition in Soho, Bateman Street.


Nick Smith's new digital project '' ties together the concepts of audience interaction and involvement with Smith's works and the synesthetic process of connecting colours with words.


The '' project promises to create a series of captivating works, which reflect on our perception and relationship to colour and how technology can be used as an asset in artmaking.


We just can't wait to see the outcome of this! 


If you would like to get involved in this new digital project, then please visit to make your entry.


To find out more about the nick smith works we currently have available please email or call +44 (0)2072407909. 

December 21, 2021
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