Nick Smith's 'Psycolourgy 2.0' exhibition

Showcasing at 15 Bateman Street

It has been a very full and exciting week here at Rhodes Contemporary Art. This week we launched Nick Smith's seventh solo exhibition 'Psycolorgy 2.0' at our pop-up gallery, in the heart of bustling Soho. 



The opening took place on Thursday and saw visitors enjoying the vast array of works that were on offer and a chance to meet the artist and get to know about his concepts and creative ideas that formulate the basis of the exhibition. 



The exhibition showcases a prominent work regarding the artists 'Instagram Psycolourgy 2.0' project that took place earlier in the year during lockdown. Participants were asked to give a colour and a word that they associate with the colour. This conjured emotional response and triggered memories around the colours provided. The final piece comprises of 19 rows of 27 colour chips. The exhibition has given the participants a chance to see the final artwork up-close. The project brought together people in a time of adversity and disconnect. 



Another key component of the exhibition is the innovative and interactive colour chips. Once again, Nick Smith is giving the viewer the opportunity to collaborate with the artworks. The colour chips use a unique algorithm which means no two colours will ever appear twice. Visitors can input words that have a sentimental or humorous value to them and a specific colour will be generated. 



On display are a collection of 'Heaven' prints. They are hard to ignore in the collection. The works are a representation of what heaven would look like in the eyes of the artist. They were created using a specialist process involving Heidelberg Cylinder foil.


There will be an accompanying print release taking place on the 15th of December, more details to follow very soon! 



You've still time to visit the exhibition. 'Psycolourgy 2.0' will be showcasing until Tuesday the 7th of December until 6pm. If you are interested in knowing about the works, we have available in the show, please contact for further information. 





December 5, 2021
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