September Show with Stephen Ormandy

Rhodes Contemporary Art are delighted to reveal their plans for a show with the  Australian artist Stephen Ormandy later on this year. After introducing his bold abstract style at the London Art Fair in January, the gallery has plans for a solo show with Ormandy, which will be the artist's debut solo show in London. 


In this upcoming show, Ormandy will likely display his latest works which include a series of large, abstract and boldly coloured canvases with curvilinear forms. Demonstrating his mastery of colour, tone and harmony, Ormandy will undoubtedly impress viewers with his large scale works that dominate and create impact in every space. 


His artwork is influenced by the natural world - Australia’s peculiar native flora and fauna, as well as the natural topographies of the Great Barrier Reef and the outback. Ormandy’s work is also informed by a strong design aesthetic based on intense colour and organic form. He plays with form through geometric abstraction, which juxtapose with vivid and lively colours to create a Surrealist effect, 'born of the subconcious mind' which also urges the viewer to decipher their meanings. 


Ormandy works across mediums, including  painting, original prints, 3D sculpture, furniture and jewelry design (Ormandy is also the Director of Dinosaur Designs, an Australian jewellery and homeware collection, with stores in Aus, US and UK). 


‘My work is born of the subconscious mind. I’m looking for vibration and rhythm, the play of line creating positive and negative space, searching for tonal balance through contrast or harmony, while developing chroma relationships that hug or repel.’


Ormandy explored his work using the term ‘Polychromatism’, which is simply defined as the quality of being multi-coloured:



Ormandy has recently exhibited work at the the Paris Art Fair 2020, with Gallerie Bessieres. The Paris Art Far in partnership with Artsy, moved online into a virtual format following the government’s announcement banning all public gatherings until mid-July. As well as the Melbourne Art Fair where Ormandy's work can also be seen via online viewing rooms.


Ormandy has also been designing stunning rugs with Designer Rugs for the Olsen & Ormandy Collection. Formed by two creative minds, each drawing from their own inspiration, Louise from nature and Stephen of the subconscious mind, harmoniously transposed into a luxurious Tibetan wool and silk hand knot rug collection.



The design element of Ormandy’s visual language, has been recognised by not only the fine-art market but across interior design, and also fashion. An exciting collaboration last winter, between Ormandy and Hermes, saw a unique artistic window display in one of Hermes’ Sydney stores. The installation extended from the windows to the external wall of the store whole playing with lines, vibration and rhythm the recognisable motifs and visual language of Ormandy’s practice. 




You can expect to hear more about Ormandy's upcoming show at the gallery in the coming months, with the opening likely to be in early September, following the debut solo show of Lino Lago.


(Our exhibitions will operate within Government opening restrictions, and new measures will be in place to ensure the safety of staff and clients/visitors.)


For all enquiries about the show and Ormandy’s work, please contact 


June 3, 2020
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