PAPER | WORK: A selection of artworks on paper

14 January - 27 February 2021

We are kicking off 2021 with a monumental collective show titled, ‘Paper | Work’.

Featuring a specially curated eclectic mix of well-known contemporary artists that include Tracey Emin, Banksy and David Hockney, alongside fresh and emerging international artists like Alayne Spafford, Thomas Stempel, Ces McCully and Stephen Ormandy to name but a few. 

For some time as a gallery we've dealt with works on paper, be it print editions or originals, studies or monoprints, the process of curating & selling works on paper is an aspect that has remained a part of the gallery and offers a unique aspect to buyers and collectors, often providing an affordable route to own a work by an artist whose work might otherwise be unobtainable.  

For ‘Paper | Work’ we wanted to highlight this ancient artistic medium and showcase the works in their own right instead of in a support role. We've brought together some of the best artistic talents from all over the world for the show. From drawings on paper, prints and books, with originals and limited edition works, this show will have something for everyone’s taste and budget, much aligned with the historic importance that work on paper holds within the art world.


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