• Yool Kim tries to capture and convey everything she feels in life: from her thoughts and emotions to people she encounters and relationships she forms with them.

    Yool Kim is a contemporary Korean artist, based in Seoul. In her mixed-media artworks, she navigates and explores the ideas of identity and subconsciousness.

    Kim’s maximalist approach expresses a series of fast-paced thoughts and emotions. Flowing and overlapping, her work comes together in a chaotic mix that represent personal yet almost universal human experience.

    Among diverse bright colours, patterns of dots, stripes and diamond-shaped grids appear playful cartoonish faces with distinct set of three eyes, two button-like noses and a pair of two small mouths. They, as the artist explains, highlight self-expression and inner thoughts that, unlike her physical body, have not matured yet and are stunted in growth. Two mouths are the only indicators of emotions and often represented them differently – reminiscing about ambiguity.

    This theme of dual perception of the world and oneself placed within it lies at the very core of Kim’s works. Often, she directly engages in a visual discourse about the relationship with other people. Specifically, how they see her and the way it contrasts with or informs how she looks at herself; the way she is and the way she wants to be – ‘small but confident’.


    Yool Kim was born in 1982 and graduated from Hongik University Graduate School of Industry in 2015 with a degree in Color Studies, including the science of colour and nature of personal colour. This raised awareness in the artist of the way colour interacts with a person based on both their context and their current emotional state – not merely their complexion.


    Some of Kim’s recent shows include: 'Summer Lounge' and 'Autodidact' at Court Tree Collective, 'The Hero She Needs' at ARUSHI Gallery and 'HERO' at Rhodes Contemporary Art.

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