CHROMA: Summer Group Show

August 8, 2019

Rhodes Contemporary Art is proud to present our Summer Group Show ‘CHROMA’; a celebration of the purity and intensity of colour.

The show brings a host of international emerging artists to the gallery, as well as a selection of blue chip works, all investigating use of colour and its importance within visual art.

The lineup includes; Chris Rivers, Danny Gretcher, Lino Lago, Jan Kalab, James Joyce, Zoe Grace, Nick Smith, Jess Cochrane, Julio Anaya Cabanding...

Throughout history, artists have used colour to express emotions and convey feelings that perhaps go beyond what can be explained in imagery alone. Certain colours create different responses in the viewer. They can invoke a feeling of unease, calm or even excitement. An artists’ choice and use of colour can have a huge impact on how their work is perceived. In this exhibition, we take a selection of artists and look beyond their imagery alone, investigating their choices of colour, how they have used them, and how we, as the viewer, respond to them.


We are excited to introduce several new artists to the Rhodes Contemporary roster.