People Are Strange: Noah Taylor

March 13, 2014

"Noah Taylor's haunted portraits stare back at us and we can't help but be touched by their strange, blank beauty." - Nick Cave

Actor and artist Noah Taylor brings his haunting images to Rhodes Contemporary Art for his debut UK show this March. People are Strange – which runs at the Soho gallery from 14 March – April 5 – exhibits cartoonish, pen-and-ink inhabitants in Taylor’s sparse and uneasy landscapes.

English-born, Australian Taylor has long been known for his varied-roles in blockbusters movies (Vanilla Sky, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and cult films (The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, Shine, Submarine), as well as his turn as Locke in Emmy-award winning TV drama Game of Thrones. This January Esquire Magazine hailed 2014 as ‘the year where [Noah’s] art outshines his acting’, affirming Taylor’s place as a key talent in the art-world as well as the big screen. Describing himself as a ‘non committed catholic neo situationist’, religious art, comic books and popular culture are all discernable, if distorted, elements of his works.

Sam Rhodes, gallery director, commented: ‘Rhodes Contemporary Art are always looking to diversify our range of artists. We’ve been looking to show the work of a non-committed catholic neo-situationist since we opened, so we’re thrilled that Noah Taylor will be exhibiting with us.'

People Are Strange – a starkly-rich, must see, exhibition of 2014.

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