FLUX: Tom French

April 11, 2014

Solo show at Rhodes Contemporary Art - Friday 11th April – Sat 3rd May

British artist Tom French brings his stunning art works to Rhodes Contemporary Art for solo show ‘Flux’: Friday 11th April – Saturday 3rd May.

French’s works focus on the reflection of the conscious and unconscious mind, skillfully combining academic realism and surrealism with carefree, loose and ostensibly unfinished abstract forms. His striking oil paintings offer a unique fusion of figurative realism and lively abstraction which brings life, movement and intrigue to all French’s compositions.

In this newest body of work titled FLUX, French continues his Duality series, exploring his dynamic skull motif. The figures within his paintings reflect the conscious mind, interacting with people and going about its business, unaware of the bigger picture - the face or skull - which reflects the unconscious mind - the instinctual, yet hidden, human drives which shape our actions.

His painterly approach in constructing illusionary compositions are playfully engaging - encouraging us to adjust our way of seeing, whilst levying their figurative subject matter into dynamic interplay.

Discussing the works Tom French explained:Though many of the works appear initially sinister, this is not always the case - encouraging a sense of self awareness and mortality can in fact be quite liberating.


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