Banksy officially joins the British Museum Collection!

The department of coins and medals from the British Museum has acquired a “Di-faced Tenner” by Banksy. This is the first time that any works of Banksy officially joins the collection. The “Di-faced Tenner” editions produced back in 2004, are imitations of £10 notes, but replacing the Queen´s face with Diana, Princess of Wales, who passed away back in 1997.  This was a donation by Pest Control.


Ironically enough, back in May 2005, Banksy pranked the British Museum by infiltrating a fake prehistoric painting of figure pushing a shopping trolley. Now officially known as “Peckham Rock” the piece was placed as an hoax accompanied by an authentic-looking information label and stayed for over a day before being removed by museum officials.


Classic “fake it until you make it” for you there folks!


Why go to the British Museum when you can have one at home?


You can purchase a real “Di-faced Tenner” through the gallery!

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February 1, 2019