Experience our Winter MIX show

Come by and see our latest exhibition with a variety of our talented artists on show.

We are currently exhibitiing our MIX Winter show at the gallery and it's a perfect time to see many of our artists' work on display. 


The show features works by Zoe Grace, Nick Smith, Julian Opie, Simon Shepherd, Florian Eymann and Damien Hirst to name a few.


New to the gallery is Simon Shepherd, who creates three diemensional works in a range of materials and seeks influence form the aesthetics and beauty found in the everday and the familiar. With no formal training, he breaks away from the traditional and his work evokes the emotion we feel on an everday basis.


Zoe Grace's ONE LOVE lights up the gallery and provides a work that is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but brings out a notion of positivity in everyone who views it.


We have on display two works by the ever talented Julian Opie. His work is notoriously distinguishable and RUTH SMOKING 1 and THIS IS SHAHNOZA 3 provide a pop art twist to the latest show.


The exhibition also includes works by Keaton Henson, Euan Roberts, Tom French, Blek le Rat, Dean Fox and Anthony Gormley. It is not one to be missed!


Winter MIX show runs until February 3rd.


Take a tour of the show here:


January 24, 2018