2 - 7 October 2017

We are delighted to present 'TRYKSTRS', a special week-long showcase by contemporary street art duo STATIC.

During London Art week STATIC will unveil new original artworks focusing on textural mediums combined with their signature printed glass aesthetic.


Blending Pattern with portraiture, their signature style is heavily influenced by modern ‘tribes’ which draw parallels from the mythological and historical to subcultural equivalents; Gamers, Trends, Brands. Their latest body of work refines this approach focusing more generally on  the concept of identity and persona. Through familiar symbols charged with their own histories like the feather, STATIC challenge the viewer to consider their own cultural identity or ’tribe’ . Facilitating discussion with the way our culture both exists and differentiates itself with those that have come before it. 


To celebrate the launch of their latest creative direction, STATIC will be rolling out an 'on street' campaign for Londons art lovers - offering the opportunity to acquire original pieces throughout the week by finding objects inspired by the TRYKSTRS. Clues and locations will be revealed in the coming days via their social media platforms as feather totems on arrows are scattered across the city. 

TRYKSTRS can be viewed in the gallery from Monday 2nd October until 
Saturday 7th October.