Creation: Jessica Albarn

1 - 24 September 2016


Jessica Albarn

1 September 2016 - 24 September 2016

Creation marks the return of Jessica Albarn for her second major solo show at Rhodes Contemporary Art.

The new body of work is a visual record and documentary of the development of a living meadow in Devon, which Jessica describes as the "perfect antidote to life in London". 

Focusing on ecology and the renewal of life, Creation features a range of mixed and multi media works. From large paintings on canvas to the finely renender pencil drawings that Albarn is known for, the show also features a stop animation film and a piece using electric ink which brings its own unique aural element. 

I’m very excited about people seeing the show as there are a number of experimental techniques that I’ve never used before. I’m particularly proud of the stop animation film, as it was a real labour of love." - Jessica Albarn

If you have an interest in nature or would simply like to be fascinated by the often overlooked inhabitants of our coutryside then Creation is required viewing.