Fabio La Fauci

6 - 29 May 2021

 Italian born artist Fabio La Fauci does not like to confine himself to one medium. His striking portraits of faceless women are the outcome of an extensive aesthetic research process, combining media such as painting, photography, and ceramics, to engage in an intense dialogue between the figurative and the abstract.


The artist brings together influences from Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism, and though the subjects of his works remain anonymous, they are extremely expressive. They seem to make us question: what constitutes a portrait, if not the face? - daring the viewer to fill in the blanks with their own artistic tools and thereby opening the artworks up to endless subjective re-interpretation.


We are excitied to bring together a curated selection of works as part of an online showcase, offering the newest works from this international artist.

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