PREFACE: Wasted Rita | Sage Barnes | Johan Deckmann

7 February - 7 March 2020

This February we present Preface, our first gallery exhibition of the year. This group exhibition features the talents of three international artists and sees the return of our collboration with US curating partnership Tax Collection as we present our annual collaborative group exhibition.

This year we're featuring new original works by Wasted Rita, Sage Barnes and Johan Deckmann. The show brings together a group of artists whose work comments on our modern digital society and the new politics and social norms it has created.


Wasted Rita is an artist who doesn’t mince words. Her painting, drawing, and mixed-media practice centers around short, evocative snippets of text which mix a punk-rock ethos with wry observations. Often diaristic, these works mime the artist’s life to offer fortune cookie-esque wisdom that’s as deeply self-effacing as it is poetic. Broaching a range of themes (including intimacy, sexuality, and pop culture), Wasted Rita’s practice transforms the personal into a portrait of contemporary society—warts and all.


Johan Deckmann is a Copenhagen-based artist, practicing psychotherapist and author, whose works examine the complications of life through witty one-liners painted on the covers of fictional “self-help” books. These book titles, though often filled with scathing satire and humour, tackle life’s biggest questions, fears, and absurdities.


Sage Barnes has found a unique combination of abstract, realistic, and street art techniques, which are often kept separate. Many of his works feature a very realistic bodice, with an explosion of colours in place of a head, painted against a graffiti-like wall. His Instagram bio reads “college dropout,” potentially as a way to share with people that there is no clear cut path to success. He also uses his Instagram as a form of connection with his followers. Rather than just posting an artwork with its title, he will add a meaningful quote or share the story behind a work.