Portraits of Someone: John Paul Fauves | Vera Kochubey

15 February - 23 March 2019

'Portraits of Someone' is a duet show featuring new bodies of work from Berlin based Russian performance artist and painter Vera Kochubey and Costa Rican contemporary painter John Paul Fauves, curated by The TAX Collection.


The show seeks to explore our place in the world, dealing with themes of the past and present - and reinterpreting innocuous faces and characters that surround us in everyday society.


Kochubey’s work presents the viewer with a powerful juxtaposition - taking in the grand scale of the portraits whilst examining the intricate details and symbology embedded deeply into the works themselves. “Each painting is a character and there is a (sur)real person behind each painted face. With my art I want to transcend the physical (hyper)reality and show a metaphysical space of dreams, illusions, hallucinations, visions and phantasies.”


John Paul Fauves challenges the traditional notion of “art” itself, elevating familiar childhood characters such as Mickey Mouse, and reinterpreting them in large scale, abstract portraiture. His works deal with relatable themes such as losing one’s innocence - and he is constantly trying to examine human nature and express his ever changing interests and thoughts on pain, life, and “art.”


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