Triple Art Bypass: A Lucy Sparrow Solo Presentation: Context Art Miami

4 - 9 December 2018

December 2018, RHODES were delighted to present a solo exhibition at Context Art Miami artfair during Art Basel Miami week; one of the busiest weeks in the artworld calender.


The exhibition called Triple Art Bypass was an immersive installation of an emergency room operating theatre and consultation room by the contemporary artist and queen of all things felt, Lucy Sparrow


Comprising of the operating theatre where proceedures were undertaken at scheduled intervals daily by the felt operating team and the consultation room where 'patients' (clients) will have the opportunity to view newly released works by Sparrow.


The installation by Lucy Sparrow made a social commentary on both the UK & US health services and the polarity between the two.

The timing of the Sparrow installation was at such a time when never before has the NHS in the UK been under immense attack from the private sector. Austerity and the seriel mass underfunding of the health service at government level, which is forcing the privatisation of the UK's national institution, is presented in the US against the backdrop of the US people wanting a more open and national health service with less dependancy on the huge private health care costs.

President Trump's continual calls for a repeal of the Obamacare bill doesn't help.


Triple Art Bypass discussed these overriding issues, but was presented in such a fun and artistically creative way that it could only be from Lucy Sparrow.



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RHODES & Triple Art Bypass was located at Context Art Fair Stand C312