// HERE NOW //: Summer Exhibition 2018

3 August - 28 September 2018

We are delighted to present our summer group exhibition

//HERE NOW// : Summer Exhibition
A curated showcase of brand new original artworks and classic editions from a superb collection of fine art and urban and contemporary artists.


This Summer sees a change to our usual gallery summer show. The old 'MIX' has been replaced with an exhibition that we wanted to more closely embody the gallery and the direction of where the gallery is heading.

It's an exhibition of artwork produced to a very high order that centres on what's happening now.

//HERE NOW// is a summer group exhibition featuring brand new works by our currently represented artists and a carefully selected range of new artists that the gallery is truly excited to be working with; all curated alongside some classic works that are simply too good to leave out.

This years lineup is distinctly and deliberately international, in part to highlight that as a British gallery, located in the heart of London, we welcome all artists from all over the world and sell their work all over the world. It's our logical protest against the Brexit movement! We always have and always will proudly trade on the international stage.






Exhibiting artists on show:

Nick Smith
Lucy Sparrow
Miss Bugs
Florian Eymann
Harland Miller
Eduardo Recife
Grayson Perry
Lino Lago
Caitlin McCormack
Jessica Albarn
Frans Smit
Bahar Caglayan
Henrietta Harris
Euan Roberts
Hetty Douglas
Bridget Riley
War Boutique
Simon Shepard
Danny Minnick
Zoe Grace
Julian Opie
Damien Hirst
Albert Ruiz Villar
Elizabeth Tooth