Splash: Sarah Bahbah

8 - 22 June 2018

This coming June, the gallery plays host to the hugely popular Sarah Bahbah with her debut UK exhibition, [Splash].


Bahbah’s first solo exhibition in London will host a collection of her most viral raw storytelling visuals, depicted as a series of cinematic stills illustrating themes of love, heart break, and coming of age with her particular brand of feminine ennui.
Australian-born, Palestinian raised, Los Angeles-based Bahbah is celebrated for her raw and explicit exploration of the intimate psyche of the female millennial generation through photography and written dialogue.

Straight off the major success of solo exhibitions in Art Basel Miami, Los Angeles and New York with tens of thousands in attendance, Bahbah is bringing her show to London, solidifying her spot as one of the most influential independent visual artist of our time.


In her latest collection, Bahbah captures the familiarity of what it’s like to have high intensity emotions and insecure attachments in relationships. Emotions stimulated from having a vast ambivalence between wanting to be loved, fear of being loved and of wanting intimacy but wanting isolation, all the same.


The forthcoming exhibition will be a celebration of the true power of transparency, particularly when immersed in the ambivalence of love, heartbreak and grief.

Sarah says:
"As an artist it has become my sole motivation to empower women to embrace indulgence of body, mind, and emotion." BahBah highlights in her recentForbes interview “As women, we need to feel ownership over our indulgences, our pleasures, and teaching others how to please us. We need greater indulgence in our words, indulgence in our bodies, and what do with them“.

I have chosen to capture this through raw storytelling, with the blend of cinematic stills and the dialogue of my internal voice. In being transparent with my thoughts and emotions, I am healing, when I'm healing, I am creating.

The new exhibition will feature 18 original photographic artworks and 1 edition. Expect to find perfection.

To register your interest please email:info@rhodescontemporaryart.com